Which Tatami mats?
With our bespoke service the range of possible mats is very large so below are some points to consider when choosing a mat:

Rice straw or fibreboard
Although the Japanese mainly use fibreboard mats now we prefer to offer mats made with natural and biodegradable materials and so recommend either the traditional rice core mats or the full fibre boards which are much kinder on the environment. When the mats have reached the end of their life cycle they can then be composted back into the ground.

Mat quality
tatami swatch
The quality of the mats supplied by the Tokyo manufacturer are as you would expect from a long established Japanese maker of a traditional product. Even the standard mats are beautifully made and we are also able to offer the premium quality mats with the highest grade of grass. As you go up the range the number of internal threads increases and the weave of the external mat, or Omote, becomes finer and the igusa grass used is of a higher calibre. We have sample swatch books of the omote mats and these can be requested through email.

Border or no border
The border of the tatami, where the mat that encases the rice straw (Omote) is stitched, is usually hemmed in with a border and the majority of mats in Japan fall into this category. Mats made without these borders tend to be susceptible to the rice fibres breaking at the edges and because of the extra time required to make them they are also a little more expensive than those made with borders. There are many different borders available made with different materials and weaves.

Choosing a Tatami Border
Please note some of the borders have an extra cost
Plus £4.00 - C1. C2. C4. C5. C51. C53. C54. C69. C72.
Plus £6.00 - C49. C50. C52
Plus £8.00 - C55. C56. C57. C58. C59. C60

C-01 C-02 C-03 C-04 C-05 C-06 C-07 C-08 C-09 C-10

C-11 C-12 C-13 C-14 C-15 C-16 C-17 C-18 C-19 C-20

C-21 C-22 C-23 C24 C-25 C-26 C-27 C-28 C-29 C-30

C-31 C-32 C-33 C-34 C-35 C-36 C-37 C-38 C-39 C-40

C-41 C-42 C-43 C-44 C-45 C-46 C-47 C-48 C-49 C-50

C-51 C-52 C-53 C-54 C-55 C-56 C-57 C-58 C-59 C-60

C-61 C-62 C-63 C-64 C-65 C-66 C-67 C-68 C-69 C-70

C-71 C-72 C-73 C-74 C-75 C-76 C-77 C-78 C-79 C-80

C-81 C-82 C-83 C-84