Authentic tatami and futon made in Japan

We have been importing direct from Japanese tatami makers now for more than 14 years and can supply a wide range of tatami and also real Japanese futon

All tatami are made by a small family run business that has been making tatami for several generations. Although the trend in Japan now is for using a tatami base with a polyurethane/fibreboard base we have, as a company committed to sustainability, decided to only sell rice straw mats. Not only do we feel that the mat is superior in feel but it also has a natural cradle to cradle life cycle where after use it can be returned to the earth as compost.

We import traditional Japanese futon from another company that has been established for over 100 years and have a dedicated website for these. Please
click here to go to the futon website

futon 210x Futon-Dark brown Futon-Dark blue 210x