All our furniture is made to order so you can specify the dimensions and wood type that you would like

CT01 - A celebration of craft and Japanese design, this piece was has hand cut dovetails in the base and in the top there are three display boxes covered by removable safety glass .

1350X650X350 From 1685

CT02 - A solid wooden frame surrounds a polished and oiled stone. Stones can be selected from a range of colours and textures

760X760X350 From 440

CT03 - A waney edge shows the natural form of the tree and adds a further visual interest to the piece. Three solid sections of contrasting wood form a bridge between the two bookmatched boards.

1660X780X350 From 590

CT04 - A carefully selected character board is mounted on a blackened steel leg. English cherry version shown.

1200X450X400 From 565

CT05 - A unique piece of Pao rosa wood with rosewood butterfly joints that join the natural fissure in the wood. The unique figure and shapes in this table make it a real collector’s piece. The shelf is made from matt black steel.

1800X400X350 From 995

CT06 - A solid section of highly figured burr oak complete with all the woods natural shapes is contrasted by the contemporary and clean lines of the base.

1000X450X380 From 695

CT07 - Three polished granite slabs sit in the solid oak frame. Available in a variety of designs and wood types.

1140X420X350 From 775

CT08 - A selected stone is oiled and then placed on the solid oak base.

900X600X350 From 560

CT09 - A solid oak frame supports 4 black sandstones and there is the option for a central drawer and blackened steel shelf that runs underneath.

Without metal shelf & drawers from 1120 . With metal shelf & drawers from 1,380

CT11 - A very solid coffee table made from a single slab of oak. The natural split in the table top has been made into a feature by using a rosewood butterfly inlay.The table legs are joined with a solid section of walnut that is cut through the legs.

1100x600x380 From 680

CT12 - Oak and rosewood coffee table. Three rosewood inlays run through the table top and add an extra dimension to the solid oak. The legs are again made from solid sections of oak.

900x460x410 From 540

CT13 - Made as a quadrant shape from a mixture of maple and walnut. The front panel that forms the curved face of the side of the table is made from a solid piece of maple that has grooves that allow it to be formed to the curve of the table top.

800x800x350 From 685

CT14 - A whole section of burr oak is mounted on a contemporary style base so that the hand of nature and the sharp clean lines form and interesting juxtaposition.

550x400x380 From 460

CT15 - Oak and rosewood coffee table
There are inlays of rosewood in the legs and in the table top and the shelf below gives the table strength and rigidity.

1200x600x450 From 680

CT16 - Oak and walnut coffee table
As with CT 14 an organic shape made from burr oak is mounted on a contemporary base bringing a balance between the hand of nature and that of man.

1300x550x360 From 795