All our furniture is made to order so you can specify the dimensions and wood type that you would like

DT01 - A substantial table made from 2" oak with a natural waney edge on both sides. The table sits on two wide legs made from a combination of wood and metal. ( either stainless steel or blackened steel )

In Oak / In Walnut from £1680

DT02 - Constructed from solid 2” timber this robust table has a pedestal leg structure made from solid sections of two contrasting woods that provides ample legroom for all those seated.

In Oak / In Walnut from £1680

DT03 - Specially selected boards are used to provide a natural feature in the table top using the Japanese method of butterfly inlays to add a craftsman’s touch to the wood’s individuality.

In Oak / In Walnut from £1810

DT04 - The table top is made from two matched boards of solid walnut with gently radiused edges. There is an optional 12mm gap between the two boards. It sits on legs that are made from walnut. As seen on "Grand design".

In Oak / In Walnut from £1980

DT05 - An oval table with slender and refined lines that is available in a variety of formats and shapes.

In Oak with inlay from £1410

DT06 - A solid walnut table that sits on a very substantial pedestal leg made from walnut with ebony inlays.

In Oak with walnut In Walnut with ebony
1350X1350x740 from £1640

DT07 - This table is one of set of three elm tables made for a Japanese restaurant in Petersfield. The waney edge of the tables against the dark wood inlay made for an interesting contrast and these two woods work well together.

In elm and Walnut from £1160

DT8 - 300x200 jpeg
DT08 - Ash Dining with unusual leg structure that allows plenty of space for seating.

from £1780